All Commands

TwoSlash has a range of commands for various use cases. The list is mentioned below.

To start using TwoSlash, please follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1 – Type //(your-command) followed by your prompt. The command must be from the available TwoSlash commands.

For example – //sheets join rows b & c

Step 2 – End your prompt with 2 back slashes
That is – //sheets join rows b & c//

Thats it! AI will now give you a reply to your message.

//ai – The command for anything & everything.

//email – For writing & replying to emails

//explain – Get any text explained to you

//sheets – For Google Sheets formulas & explaining a formula

//rewrite – To rewrtie text

//spanish –
Translate to Spanish

//french – Translate to French

//hindi – Translate to Hindi

//answer – AI gives an answer for the prompt

//grammar – To correct grammar

//summarise – Get summary of text

//reply – Give a reply to selected text

//pointers – Give pointers content for a given prompt

//codec – Code in C language

//codepy – Code in Python language

//codej – Code in Java language

//codejs – Code in JS language

//coderu – Code in Ruby language

//codecp – Code in C++ language