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Harness the Power of TwoSlash Chrome Extension: Exploring Various Commands

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of the TwoSlash Chrome extension? With its array of powerful commands, you can streamline your tasks and boost productivity like never before. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the capabilities of several key commands, showcasing how you can leverage the AI-driven assistance of TwoSlash Chrome extension for different purposes. Let’s explore!

1. //explain – Get any text explained to you

//explain command

With the “//explain” command, you can gain a deeper understanding of any text. Simply type “//explain” followed by the text you want to comprehend and then two closing slash, and TwoSlash Chrome extension will provide you with an insightful explanation. Whether it’s a complex concept, a piece of literature, or a technical document, let the AI-powered explanation enhance your knowledge.

2. //sheets – For Google Sheets formulas & explaining a formula

//sheets command

Simplify your Google Sheets experience with the “//sheets” command. This command empowers you to generate powerful formulas directly within your spreadsheets. Whether you need to perform calculations, manipulate data, or automate tasks, TwoSlash Chrome extension has you covered. Additionally, if you require an explanation of a formula, just use the “//sheets” command followed by the formula, and the extension will provide a clear explanation.

3. //rewrite – To rewrite text

//rewrite command

Enhance your writing prowess with the “//rewrite” command. When you want to improve the clarity, coherence, or style of your text, simply utilize this command. Input the text you want to rewrite, and let TwoSlash Chrome extension provide AI-generated suggestions for enhanced readability and engagement.

4. //email – To write email

Elevate your email communication with the “//email” command. When crafting professional and impactful emails, simply utilize this command to enhance your writing. Input your email content, and let the TwoSlash Chrome extension generate AI-powered suggestions to improve clarity, conciseness, and overall effectiveness.

5. //spanish – Translate to Spanish

//spanish command

Expand your global reach with the “//spanish” command. If you have text that needs to be translated to Spanish, simply use this command followed by the text, and TwoSlash Chrome extension will provide an accurate translation. From social media posts to emails and website content, effortlessly connect with Spanish-speaking audiences.

6. //french – Translate to French

//french command

Broaden your horizons with the “//french” command. When you need to translate text into French, this command is your gateway. Experience seamless language translation within the convenience of your browser. Reach French-speaking audiences effectively and communicate with confidence.

7. //hindi – Translate to Hindi

//hindi command

Connect with Hindi-speaking audiences using the “//hindi” command. Whether you need to translate marketing material, product descriptions, or personal messages, TwoSlash Chrome extension is here to help. Simply input the text you want to translate, and let the power of AI provide accurate Hindi translations.

8. //answer – AI gives an answer for the prompt

//answer command

Seeking answers to your burning questions? Look no further than the “//answer” command. Pose your question following the command, and TwoSlash Chrome extension will tap into its AI capabilities to provide you with relevant and informative answers. Quench your thirst for knowledge with ease.

9. //grammar – To correct grammar

//grammar command

Ensure your writing is polished and error-free with the “//grammar” command. When you want to enhance the grammar and syntax of your text, simply use this command. TwoSlash Chrome extension’s AI-driven grammar correction will help you eliminate grammatical mistakes and improve the overall quality of your writing.

10. //summarise – Get summary of text

//summarise command

Condense lengthy texts into concise summaries using the “//summarise” command. When you need to extract key information or create a brief overview, this command is your go-to solution. Enter the text you want to summarize, and let TwoSlash Chrome extension generate a succinct summary for you.

11. //reply – Give a reply to selected text

//reply command

Engage in seamless conversations with the “//reply” command. Select a portion of text, use the “//reply” command, and TwoSlash Chrome extension will generate a relevant and engaging response. Elevate your communication skills and effortlessly interact with others across various platforms.

12. //pointers – Give pointers content for a given prompt

//pointers command

When you need guidance or ideas for a specific prompt, the “//pointers” command has your back. Simply provide the prompt following the command, and TwoSlash Chrome extension will generate helpful pointers and suggestions to assist you in crafting compelling content, be it for blog posts, social media, or any other creative endeavor.

13. //codec – Code in C language

//codec command

Develop your coding skills with the “//codec” command. If you’re working with the C language, this command enables you to write and execute code seamlessly within the TwoSlash Chrome extension. Take advantage of the integrated coding environment and boost your programming proficiency.

14. //codepy – Code in Python language

//codepy command

Harness the power of Python programming with the “//codepy” command. Write, execute, and experiment with Python code effortlessly using the TwoSlash Chrome extension. From small scripts to complex projects, code with ease and unlock the possibilities of Python.

15. //codej – Code in Java language

//codej command

Delve into the realm of Java programming with the “//codej” command. Enjoy a hassle-free coding experience within the TwoSlash Chrome extension as you write, compile, and run Java code. Leverage the power of Java and bring your software projects to life.

16. //codejs – Code in JS language

//codejs command

Explore the world of JavaScript programming with the “//codejs” command. Seamlessly write and test JavaScript code within the TwoSlash Chrome extension, facilitating web development and dynamic interactions. Empower your websites and web applications with the versatility of JavaScript.

17. //coderu – Code in Ruby language

//coderu command

Unleash the power of Ruby programming with the “//coderu” command. Whether you’re a Ruby enthusiast or a beginner, the TwoSlash Chrome extension offers a convenient environment for coding in Ruby. Enhance your Ruby projects and create elegant, expressive code.

18. //codecp – Code in C++ language

//codecp command

Dive into the realm of C++ programming with the “//codecp” command. Experience the ease of writing, compiling, and executing C++ code within the TwoSlash Chrome extension. Boost your efficiency and harness the capabilities of C++ for your software development endeavors.


With these diverse commands, the TwoSlash Chrome extension empowers you to accomplish a wide range of tasks efficiently, all within the convenience of your browser. Seamlessly integrate AI-driven assistance into your workflow, enhance your productivity, and unlock new possibilities with TwoSlash Chrome extension today.

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